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The Dimple for iPhone 6s Plus - (Gold) SQDMP630-GLD

The Dimple for iPhone 6s Plus - (Gold) SQDMP630-GLD

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  • [Super duralumin A7075] material, aluminum alloy developed in Japan "super duralumin A7075". A material to be used, such as in aircraft, is a material which is proud and lightness of plastic par, high strength. Furthermore harder than "The Edge", it has adopted a light duralumin.
  • [Dimpled] finger to pursue the familiar goodness, beautiful dimpled which has been subjected to repeat the entire form of the time that has. I have in hand, and looking at a different angle, even sparkle such organic beauty of the clear stream makes you feel.
  • [Non-threaded (ITOIGAWA latch structure)] special latch structure which was developed just for this bumper. 4 divided parts, completed by attaching a special latch structure "The Dimple" is over you do not use the screws, it does not require the other parts.
  • [Radio interference] SQUAIR dare to use while they recognize that it is a metallic material that radio wave is degraded, it is a product that the pursuit of absolute protection performance and beauty. By devising the structural design in a limited and yet been commercialized by suppressing the radio wave deterioration to the limit.